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5 Great Things About Deep Cove

5 Great Things About Deep Cove

The Backdrop of Mountains and Ocean Bleed Into Your Soul

Deep Cove is a hidden gem nestled at the very eastern edge of North Vancouver. An Oasis of a neighbourhood that has transformed immensely over the years. I’m telling you that there must be something in the water here. It’s not a legendary tale or myth, but a true story of those from here. Deep Cove has bred some truly talented and famous people, from NHL hockey players to Olympic Athletes.  The reason being is what Deep Cove has just in its backyard. The backdrop of mountains and ocean bleed into your soul.

So by now Deep Cove is no secret, just try going there on a beautiful sunny weekend day in the summer. Good luck at finding any parking, unless you have friends or family here. It is truly a crazy, busy place during this time of year. But that’s not the only time of year it’s busy. It seems that what Deep Cove has to offer is something that people want all year around.

I could talk about 5 things just in my below list of Usual Suspects. But this area has so much more to offer, some that only the locals know and some that deserve to be spoken about. So instead of just focusing on what every other blog will talk about.

Let’s also talk about the other things that make Deep Cove truly special.

1. The Usual Suspects 

  • Quarry Rock – An nice little hike that has a great payoff at the end. A view that overlooks the Cove and the Marina. There’s a reason that it’s hard to find parking when visiting Deep Cove, this is one of the major culprits. On any given weekend you will see the hoards of people flocking here to make this a part of their day. It really is a great hike, great for those who don’t want anything crazy and intense like the Grouse Grind. But also those who want to run up and down as exercise or take their dog for a good little outing. Be sure to leash your pet at the top, their noses will guide them to everyones treats and into some trouble with the cliffs.
  • Deep Cove Kayak – Perfectly placed within the sheltered waters of Deep Coves Inlet at Panorama Park. You will have the chance to rent a Kayak, stand up paddle board (SUP) or canoe. Then venture up Indian Arm, 25 km of water surrounded by mountains, scattered with secluded beaches and islands.
  • Honey’s Doughnuts – A charming hidden gem of a spot. Well, not really hidden at all, try walking by it on a sunny summer day. The crowds of people will make you want to check out whats going on. The doughnuts in hands will make your mouth water and soon you will find yourself in line. This is a must stop spot, especially after a hike up Quarry Rock or a walk around the water.
  • The Raven – Those who know, know of The Raven. The pub hosting locals for generations, is a staple for Deep Cove. It’s a 100% chance that you will run into someone you know here if you grew up in Deep Cove. The local watering hole that all Deep Cove residents have grown up with is about to change dramatically. As some major development is coming but The Raven will stay, it just will be moved down to the corner. The very corner that’s the gateway to Deep Cove. Do yourself a favour and get there now, order a pizza and a pint.
  • Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers – It’s no secret that the Craft Beer industry has taken over Vancouver. So where better to have a brewery than Deep Cove. Now this isn’t based in Deep Cove but rather a short distance away, still in North Vancouver. A great stop to have some food, beer and even spirits. As they too are a distillery and make their own Gin and Vodka. If there on the weekend you’ll be surprised with some live music.

2. Mount Seymour

Deep Cove residents are serious spoiled when it comes to nature and all its benefits. Here’s a list of some of my favourite spots to venture. Now the mountain in question here is Mount Seymour, located near Deep Cove in North Vancouver. A local ski hill that has so many other benefits to offer. Some for summer, some for winter.

  • The Trails – There are too many trails to mention. Whether you are a mountain biker, hiker or trail runner. This is where you must visit and explore. Just get up to the top of this mountain and see where the trails take you. You will even find some great trailheads along your way up.
  • Dog Mountain – Okay so I get it, you started reading the portion above and it went nowhere. You ask yourself why doesn’t he at least mention one trail to explore. So here we are, Dog Mountain is a must hike. Whether in the summer or winter. The beauty of this trail is its great all year round. Amazing trail to take your dog on, and when you get to the top the pay off is huge. At least as long as it’s a clear day. An amazing view of the city below and views that extend forever.
  • Mystery Lake – This took me 20 years to find. It actually took a Deep Cove local (My Wife) to tell me about it. Sure it’s called Mystery Lake, but it’s no longer a mystery to many. But in the summer this is a great swimming hole, one that’s made for hanging out with friends, family and your dog. A short hike from the parking lot at the top of Mount Seymour.

3. Northlands Golf Course

  • Northlands Golf Course – This is must on any golfers list, one of the best courses Vancouver has to offer. At the fingertips of Deep Cove locals and showcasing all that North Vancouver has. Set in the mountains and tough terrain, a challenging but fun course. One that will make you come back again and again. Do yourself a favour, get a golf cart or at least a pull cart. Nothing worse than wasting all your energy on a sore back after hauling your clubs on this course. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that for you.

4. The Ocean

The true beauty of Deep Cove and what it truly has is the Ocean that surrounds it. Get yourself out there someway, somehow. Rent a paddle board or kayak. Maybe if you are one of the lucky ones you have access to a boat. Either way be sure to explore one or more of these options below.

  • Jug Island – A short paddle away but a great payoff at the end. You will approach Jug Island if you head straight out from the Deep Cove Marina. Once you are there, head across to the adjacent beach and have yourself a picnic. It’s here that your mind will be blown that you are actually now at Belcarra Park, Port Moody. Port Moody?! Yup, that’s right Port Moody is this close to Deep Cove.
  • Twin Islands – This is about double the distance of Jug Island away from the marina. But a great location to call your hub. You can even camp overnight here and will probably see one of the local cliff jumping into the ocean. Do so at your own risk but you must make this one of your stops when put in the water. Hike around the island, it’s really a small island but a great time to be had.
  • Granite Falls – Located 18km up Indian Arm from Deep Cove Marina. I would recommend boating to this but it can be done in a kayak. You’ll want to camp when you get here if done this way. But these waterfalls are awesome, flowing hundreds of feet down a rock fdace. Truly a must if you can find a way to get here.
  • Cates Park – Really a location that most would drive to but a good spot none the less. A ton of different beaches spread across this park and if you find yourself on the water. This is a family fun park to picnic at or pick up a friend while on the water. Odds are you’ll see a movie being filmed here at any given time.

5. The Village of Deep Cove

The Village of Deep Cove has so much to offer on its own. A village full of mom and pop boutique shops like Cafe Orso for your coffee fix. Also shops like Room 6 which is full of little special things you would love or love to give as a gift.

Deep Cove embodies a cabin like lifestyle with a year round setting that’s been built by the locals over generations. You will find yourself wanting more and in fact probably checking out local listings. Reconsidering where you live and thinking maybe, just maybe I can afford a place here.

Trust me when I tell you that this is a great neighbourhood to raise a family. Even better for the kids as they grow up with this as their backyard.

Lucas McCann is an Realtor with the G+D Real Estate Team. A 2017 President’s Club Team (Top 1% of Realtors in Greater Vancouver.

Let me know if you are looking to have any questions answered.

Contact Me at lucas@gdrealestate.ca

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The Sunny Side Of Moving To The Suburbs

The Sunny Side Of Moving To The Suburbs

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Here are some advantages that could tip the scales in favour of the outskirts.

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-Sale Condo.  

Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-Sale Condo.  

Let’s get down to the brass tax of a new build and Pre-sales. As I’m sure you are seeing all of their beautiful marketing. That place looks so nice and enticing. But make sure to take a step back to understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying a pre-sale condo. Especially in a market like Vancouver and its surrounding areas like Port Moody, North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

Sun Towers at 4458 Beresford Street, Burnaby, BC – Developers Belford Properties Click Here for Details


1.) Beautiful New Condo Building

Can you imagine yourself as the first owner of that new place? Everything is shiny and clean, has a great design and top technology. Many new buildings in Vancouver are LEED certified and are built to be greener and more environmentally sustainable in design, construction and operation than older buildings. Typically they too have state of the art fibre optic cabling too. Great for options when it comes to your digital needs like phone and internet.

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6 Tips For Choosing A Neighbourhood To Live In

6 Tips For Choosing A Neighbourhood To Live In

What is important to you when choosing a neighbourhood to live in?

It’s easy to say but is it really that easy to achieve. When trying to choose a new place to call home, one of the many factors that you have to keep in mind is neighbourhood. I may be biased, but I have lived in Kerrisdale, South Granville, Commercial Drive, Downtown (Yaletown and Westend), North Vancouver and now Port Moody.

I have to say when it comes to my lifestyle and personality, the North Shore of the Tri-Cities, Port Moody has everything I need. Being so close to the trails and mountains for hiking, trail running, swimming, paddle boarding, breweries, boating and so much more is what I love. The market is still reasonable too, I mean it’s crazy if you are to compare it to other cities across Canada but when it comes to Greater Vancouver Port Moody has amazing upside in its pricing. But is it within the confines of what’s important to you?

That’s what really matters. What is important to you when choosing a neighbourhood to live in?

Here are 6 tips to consider:

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How To Attract Millennials To Your Business

How To Attract Millennials To Your Business

Yes this blog is focused on Real Estate but it can be applied to all businesses.

So Keep Reading

Millennials are buying real estate!

Really? It’s about time! If you actually think about it. Millennials…at least some of them are now in the mid to late 30’s. So hopefully they are thinking about their future already.

The real estate industry cannot stop talking about millennials. But what I hear mostly is that they can’t afford homes or they will never be able to buy. I hate the generalization that all millennials get grouped into.

Young buyers entering the market is a great thing for the real estate industry, particularly because the average age of first-time homebuyers has been increasing for years.

There is a small problem, though. The Real Estate community thinks it doesn’t know how to connect with millennials. They feel they are unaware of how to reach them and grab their attention. Well it’s truly through the smartphone and technology. Every single person these days is head down and focused on their phone. So find a way to connect with them and grab their attention.

You should get all the Social Media apps you can and start learning them. They are not going away anytime soon. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, LinkedIN, Pinterest. Get on them now…like click these links and download them now if you are missing any….NOW!!

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Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

White Rock & South Surrey are well-known for its seaside lifestyle. Laid back and ready for a great cabin like life, this is the city for you. Only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, yet still far enough away to feel like a retreat. Here are some of the great neighbourhoods to check out when considering buying in White Rock & South Surrey

Crescent Beach

This is the best beach in South Surrey. Far better than the busier White Rock Beach. The beachfront has a walking path and some amazing unique homes. Very quiet and relaxing during the off-season portion of the year. It is of course a busy hotspot during the summer but a great place to call home. As should these seaside communities, this is dog friendly too.

People have said that they love having this beauty just a walking distance from their home. It has a small community feel where people take the time to say hello….you dont get that anymore. Living near crescent beach affords nature enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy beautiful ocean views and outdoor fun.

This area honestly feels like a vacation spot, yet is an amazing place to call home.

This is the average cost of condo’s in this area. CLICK HERE

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You Can’t Choose Your Neighbour, You Can Choose Your Neighbourhood.

You can’t choose your neighbour, you can choose your neighbourhood.

This is one of the best things about Real Estate.

You are not forced to buy in any specific area or any specific town. It’s all up to you. So why not think about and consider buying in a great neighbourhood. Things to think about are the fact that the walkability of an area you live goes a long way. By that is being able to walk to some great stores or trails, maybe even to work if that’s your cup of tea. You will so much happier if you do this, trust me. There’s nothing worse than choosing to live in an area that sucks to you, to you though. Some areas are better for others…Meaning if you want to drive everywhere and you want peace and quiet great, maybe out-of-town is your vibe. If you are young and want to walk to transit, trails, breweries, water and shopping then great too. Just know what you want and trust you can find it.

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