Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-Sale Condo.  

Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-Sale Condo.  

Let’s get down to the brass tax of a new build and Pre-sales. As I’m sure you are seeing all of their beautiful marketing. That place looks so nice and enticing. But make sure to take a step back to understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying a pre-sale condo. Especially in a market like Vancouver and its surrounding areas like Port Moody, North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

Sun Towers at 4458 Beresford Street, Burnaby, BC – Developers Belford Properties Click Here for Details


1.) Beautiful New Condo Building

Can you imagine yourself as the first owner of that new place? Everything is shiny and clean, has a great design and top technology. Many new buildings in Vancouver are LEED certified and are built to be greener and more environmentally sustainable in design, construction and operation than older buildings. Typically they too have state of the art fibre optic cabling too. Great for options when it comes to your digital needs like phone and internet.

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8 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying A Home

8 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying A Home

Being a home buyer is tough and sometimes defeating. Things don’t always go your way but it’s how you handle the ride that counts. Your Realtor will become your friend and you will be in constant contact with them. You will be sending them new and old listings asking, how about this one? This looks exactly like the place I want. How come you didn’t send me this info?

A good Realtor will send you the info on the places that fit what you need and want. Keep in mind that sometimes you may also find something that they didn’t. Odds are this is because you’ve decided to expand your search or maybe there are restrictions that you don’t know about.

Your Realtor will guide you in the right direction. They have been doing this for sometime and know what you want. But here’s a list of some things that nobody tells you. Things that will come up and things that are perfectly fine.

Trust me when I say you are not the first to have this thoughts. So you may as well know them now.

  1. As a Buyer, be sure to keep those important thoughts to yourself. – At least until the end of the Open House. Talk to your Realtor and go over those thoughts with them first. It won’t help you if a Realtor over hears that you are willing to pay $100,000 over asking when you put in that offer. If the Selling Agent knows who is putting in offers and for how much before it comes. It gives the sellers leverage, as they will know what you are willing to pay and that could work against you. Don’t say anything in the house you wouldn’t want the Seller to hear. You would be surprised but sometimes there are drop cams set up in the house that the sellers use to can use to spy on you.
  2. Odds are you won’t find your perfect home at your first Open House. I find that my buyers tend to see at least 5 properties before making an offer. Of course, some people fall in love with the first house they see and others, after the 40th. You’ll know when you’ve found the ONE. That the job of the Realtor, they will see in you what you love.
  3. You’ve bought that dream home, now what? – It’s possession day and you walk in. Your heart drops…this is not what I remember it. It looks smaller, the walls weren’t that scratched. Or were they? It’s okay to second guess yourself. It’s human natures as this is a huge purchase for you. You want things to be perfect and they will be. Once you put in your stuff and add your touch. You will be in love again in a few hours…it’s just the nerves.
  4. It’s time to become a stalker. – I still remember that every weekend and many times during the week. My wife and I became stalkers after we bought our home. You will too…You’ll go out of your way many times to drive by it. Maybe we should head out to Ikea or visit Brewers Row for a beer. That was a 30 minutes drive each way. But we did it religiously and you will too.
  5. Give me my keys…NOW! – You often don’t get the keys to your new home until after 4 pm on possession or closing day. Your lender needs to transfer the mortgage and your lawyer needs to transfer the title into your name before any keys can be released. Legally, Sellers have until 5 pm to move out.
  6. Start decluttering your life. – Once you buy that home and it becomes moving day. It’s best to get rid of those items that aren’t needed. Nothing worse than dragging that old bookcase and couch that you want to replace anyways. Just get them on Craigslist and start making some sales now. Ikea stuff still draws top dollars as a used item.
  7. This is the place I want to buy! – Househunting is actually only a small part of what your REALTOR does, so if you found the home you want to buy on your own, your agent’s job is really just beginning. Your agent still needs to do their due diligence on the house, determine fair market value, prepare the offer, negotiate terms that protect you, coordinate the deposit cheque, attend the home inspection, deal with any conditions in the offer and coordinate with your lawyer and lender. They’ll be with you up until the date of closing (and long after, if you’ve found a good agent).
  8. It’s Moving Day. – Moving day is going to suck no matter how excited you are about your new home. Hire professionals. Have plenty of alcohol on hand. And take a deep breath – it’ll all feel amazing in another few weeks. This is time to invite your friends over, odds are they will be around to help you move. Even if they say they can’t…they CAN!

I could add a few more to this. Best piece of advice is to stay in communication with your Realtor. Tell them exactly what’s going on in your mind. They can’t read it for you but they can answer it for you.


How To Be Prepared When Buying Your Next Home

Buying a new home

How to be Prepared when Buying your Next Home.

Sometimes Buying A New Home Is Tough But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

The road isn’t easy when buying a new home in Real Estate. Especially in this crazy market in British Columbia. When it comes to Condos and Townhouses, it is very competitive for buyers. You would love for it to be as simple as making an offer and having it accepted. So how do you make yourself prepared for the ups and downs that are ahead of you?

Well think of it like this:

Here are 3 steps to consider when buying your next home.

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3 Tips for Making Money in Real Estate

3 Tips for Making Money in Real Estate

Real Estate can be scary but it doesn’t have to be.

Finding a way to get into Real Estate and the market is the key. Once you are in the marketthings become a little bit more clearer and lessfrightening. Really what you need to do is finda great Realtor (me) and start moving towards your goals. Until then do some research andget to understand what to look for.

Pre-sales – What’s nice about pre-sales is that you get to buy a property in today’s dollars but get to move in down the road. That’s when the money starts to happen. Of course you need to be able to afford the down payment. Then you can purchase a pre-sale and sit on it as it appreciates. In this market it should grow as the months go on and is still being finished. Maybe you want to assign the contract down the road before it is even finished. Odds are you will be making some money in that time.

Read my previous blog on Pre-Sales here. 

Area – knowing the area you are considering is key. When you understand the growth that’s about to happen you can find some gems out there. Ones that can make you some money. So imagine this, you buy a property near an area that’s going to be growing. You see that the growth has no choice but to come your way. There may be a good chance that a developer will come knocking on your door. They may want to buy your place or complex in the thought of building a tower on it.

Think about looking in areas that are adding more transportation like the skytrain. Also consider a property close to schools, hospitals and shopping. This is where city planners need to consider adding homes and where developments start.

Think Outside The Box – So in this market it obvious that Vancouver is going crazy. So why not think outside the box meaning look in the suburbs. Like the Tri-cities or Abbotsford. Find that 2 bedroom that allows pets and rentals. Find a place close to transportation, school, college, hospitals, or senior homes.

You will be able to buy for low and rent for high. Your tenants will pay off the mortgage. You only need to invest your down payment of 20%. Your property will appreciate in value and odds are you’ll be making a positive cash flow from your rent.

These are just some tips and ideas to help you make an educated decision along the way. Remember to always do your research but if you want some help. I’m only a text, call or email away.

Contact me here.

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5 Reasons to Own Your Home

5 Reasons to Own Your Home…What Are You Doing and Why?!

It feels weird to me when I hear so much talk about how high rents are in the city. It feels so weird to me when I hear people say they will never be able to own. As I have grown up in this great city of Vancouver, there has been this shift in the minds of many that owning is impossible. That renting is acceptable.

“This is the way of life now they say.”

Let’s take a closer look at reasons to OWN YOUR HOME.

5 Reasons to Own Your Home

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Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

White Rock & South Surrey are well-known for its seaside lifestyle. Laid back and ready for a great cabin like life, this is the city for you. Only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, yet still far enough away to feel like a retreat. Here are some of the great neighbourhoods to check out when considering buying in White Rock & South Surrey

Crescent Beach

This is the best beach in South Surrey. Far better than the busier White Rock Beach. The beachfront has a walking path and some amazing unique homes. Very quiet and relaxing during the off-season portion of the year. It is of course a busy hotspot during the summer but a great place to call home. As should these seaside communities, this is dog friendly too.

People have said that they love having this beauty just a walking distance from their home. It has a small community feel where people take the time to say hello….you dont get that anymore. Living near crescent beach affords nature enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy beautiful ocean views and outdoor fun.

This area honestly feels like a vacation spot, yet is an amazing place to call home.

This is the average cost of condo’s in this area. CLICK HERE

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How To Get Real with Your Real Estate Goals

Real Estate Goals

How To Get Real with Your Real Estate Goals

Let’s get REAL about Real Estate Goals…In today’s day and age especially in Greater Vancouver and it’s surrounding areas like Port Moody and the Tri-Cities. If you want to own a detached house it may be easier doing so in your dreams than your reality. I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to make these ‘DREAMS COME TRUE.

What is it that you actually want and can you achieve it? That’s up to you and I’m here to help. Maybe you want to own a condo or even a house but are not sure if that will ever be a possibility. I’m here to tell you it is…YES it is. Listen to yourself and stop listening to the naysayers, if you want it then go out there and get it. But how?…
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Best Seat In Port Moody

Best Seat In Port Moody

Here’s a little story all about how we found the Best Seat in Port Moody

So as it was this past weekend and the date was Sunday May 27th, 2017, something big in my life came to be. That was the day that I got engaged to my best friend Lindsay. We have been together for the past 10 years and the perfect time has come for us to enter this new chapter. It’s been such a crazy and exciting year so far full of major changes for us both. One being the biggest move for us so far. That was to enter the Real Estate Market.

You are right in wondering what the heck a Realtor is doing helping his clients buy and sell Real Estate but not owning any for himself. Well that and the fact that where we were living had to change was the big motivator. We both put our heads and money together and made the jump. This is where my career mashed together with my personal life. I had to find that balance of needs and wants. It was a weird dynamic to make this plunge but it has been the biggest and best decision so far. I’ll write more on that dynamic one day but for now let’s get back to the subject at hand.

We were living in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley and this is an amazing area. I have so much knowledge of what it has and the lifestyle it offers. My now Fiancée is from Deep Cove and has a lifetime of experience in North Vancouver. This is the biggest reason why we fell so madly in love with Port Moody. Port Moody has the same offerings, just a little different. It has amazing trails for us to take our dog Sadie (my assistant) for a walk, run, swim and hike. Plus the neighbourhood has so much to offer and the growth of what Port Moody is going through right now. I’m telling everyone that they should enter this market. It is going through a major shift. There’s the skytrain for transportation that’s adding so much value right now. Plus the ocean is in your front yard and in fact Port Moody is also called the North Shore. The North Shore of the Tri-cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam). You have to come experience it for yourself. Give me a shout and I’ll tour you around.

Okay so again back to the subject at hand. How we stumbled into the BEST SEAT IN PORT MOODY.

For the last few months we’ve been walking the Shoreline Trail and have come across this seat before. But when the magic hour happens and you time it right, which we did. You will come across one amazing moment that you’ll want to rinse and repeat regularly. That moment has to be timed perfectly cause as we noticed with the amount of people who came down to this seat and saw us then nicely moved on with their night. This seat must be a fan favourite/secret spot and I’ll probably be yelled at for exposing it. But we arrived around 30 minutes before the sunset was taking shape. It was then that we could see the tide coming in and all the mudflats getting covered. The clouds were light and taking shape for one great sunset to come. The temperature was perfect and just a whisper of wind that helped the cause.

It made for a great moment in our night as we had just gotten engaged only minutes before. We took Sadie down to the water with us and a bottle of Champagne. Had some fun with taking photos and this video in the post is the view that we were looking out into. So I again as an advocate of Port Moody ask for you to take your date, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, wife, husband or dog. Go see it for yourself and tell me your experience as I hope it’s as great as ours. Now. you are probably wondering well where the heck is this seat already. Well here we go as we found it. It’s really an easy spot to find but I’ll make it as easy as possible for you anyways.

On the Shoreline Trail there is an area that has a fork in the road. Three forks that is, you can go ahead towards the Old Orchard Park, or to Rocky Point or towards Newport Village and the community centre. This is where the Best Seat In Port Moody is. Hard to know where if you don’t know the area so I’ll explain it. So if you are coming from Rocky Point and you head towards Old Orchard Park (which is about 3km down the trail). You’ll go over the bridge that goes right over the mudflats and grassland area. It’s the first big boardwalk you go over and almost 1km on the trail. You will know what this board walk is as it’s such a cool experience. It’s not a huge boardwalk but still a great area of the trail. You’ll have Murray Street on your right and the ocean too your left. If you’ve gone over two board walks, as there is another, you’ve gone too far. Just remember that when you get to the fork I explained above this is where to stop. So now you’ve stop at this fork in the road. There’s a garbage can and a small little trail that heads towards the ocean and the mudflats. This is where you need to go. As you arrive you’ll see a small stair platform and bench to go and sit on. This is it!

Be sure to get there early as you will probably have some competition for that seat…but enjoy.


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3 Things That Millennials Want To Tell Realtors

 3 Things That Millennials Want To Tell Realtors

Here’s an Open Letter to the Real Estate Industry as we know it.

Hey Mr. Real Estate Industry,

Oh…Hi there, YES it’s me again. That annoying Millennial, but please don’t call me that. I…like others are over the term, we’ve heard it for years now and can assure you we understand what other generations think of us. As much as others like to say that we are entitled, soft, lazy or spoiled. There are some who give us a bad name, but that’s not me. I’m here to talk to you the REALTOR and the Real Estate Industry about what I would like from you. This is a different take on what some of us think in regards to how you should market to me.

Let’s start here and as full disclosure I myself am a Realtor but I’d like you to know that I’m separating myself from that for the moment. I’m going to talk to you as a Millennial and how you may want to run my business. It’s been really successful for me so far.

Recently I was a first time home buyer, which means I’ve spent nearly a decade digging myself and my Wife out from under a mountain of debt. I’ve established myself in a career that I love, and now it was time for us to finally take the step that our parents and grandparents took when they were much, much younger than us; we finally bought a house.

Think about this for a second, these days everything we buy is instant. If we need a new pair of socks? Amazon will have them here tomorrow. Need a ride? Well in most cities, there is an Uber around the corner or Car2go, ZipCar and Modo. Maybe I want to know which country has the best valued flights. My phone can tell me instantly. If I want to watch my favorite TV show, hello Netflix. When was the last time I bought a DVD? I can’t tell you cause it’s been that long. My life is built around efficiency and convenience. Keep in mind that most of us can’t even remember a time before we had cell phones permanently within arms reach.

Here’s some things to keep in mind. 

  • Finding a trusted Realtor is difficult. Your face on a billboard or a bus bench won’t help.

I grew up seeing around 400 ads a day, but now I’m used to being bombarded with at least 3,000. I don’t read the newspaper, forget about your banner ads, and even on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to have some compelling content for me to take the time to click on your ad and see what you have to offer.

How can a realtor earn my trust? The answer is transparency. If I look at your Facebook page, I want some human element to it. Instead I see only your listings and I sold this or there’s an open house to that. I get it….you are a realtor but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell some stories of your life. What makes you tick and where are your favourite spots to go? Let me see you grind and your daily venture through the business. That’s what I want to see both as a Realtor and as a Millennial.

  • Make your personal brand a lot more personal.

Instagram a story about the traffic you got stuck in, the run you went on this morning, or a picture of your pet. Invite your prospects into your life, or at least a version of it. Show me that cool coffee shop around the corner from one of your listings, or post a picture of a beautiful park where I could take my family on a walk after dinner some night. Tell us about that couple that looked for the perfect house for a year and finally found one they like. Show us the city and neighborhoods that you are selling.

Marketing isn’t about blasting out a message anymore, it’s about building thousands of personal, one-on-one relationships with your target audience.

  • Relationships is what being a great Realtor is all about, right?

The destination hasn’t changed, the goal is to buy a home.

Buying a home is not just super terrifying. It’s the biggest purchase I’ve ever considered making and I don’t want to screw it up. I do want a realtor to help me through this complex process and to make sure I don’t get ripped off. But just like the rest of the products and services I use, I expect transparency and flexibility on a level that might make you a little uncomfortable. Millennials thrive on consuming every second of the day. Just look at everyone that’s waiting in line at the coffee shop, they are checking sports scores, adding a story to Instagram, and checking up on Facebook.

So as we end and my rant is over. Let’s start the conversation as things are changing in the industry. I feel that you owe it to yourself and everyone else out there. Go and be you and let us see you in your day-to-day.

Let’s Talk Again Soon!


Millennials (but seriously, don’t call us that)