The Sunny Side Of Moving To The Suburbs

The Sunny Side Of Moving To The Suburbs

Choosing between city life and the suburbs is a perennial debate, but there’s something special about finding the perfect suburban neighbourhood. As someone who made the switch, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the benefits. Suburban living prioritizes quality over quantity and a tranquil community atmosphere. The suburbs also provide a surprising range of amenities, from recreational activities to great local businesses. Safety and security are another advantage, along with the proximity to nature and scenic landscapes. Moving to the suburbs can be a transformative experience, offering a higher quality of life and a sense of belonging in a welcoming community. NOT to mention the benefit of some better priced homes in some great pockets as well.

Here are some advantages that could tip the scales in favour of the outskirts.

How far away are you really – I mean think about it for a second. Vancouver has it pretty good in comparison to other provinces and major cities across the Country. The set up is done well. Things are close by, lots within walking distance. But yes that also is the curse as the city is so jam packed downtown that it’s hard to get anywhere unless you bike or walk. But think about this just for a second. The suburbs are really not that far away. If you take Port Moody for example or even Coquitlam for that matter. The skytrain takes only 35-40 mins to get to the waterfront station. It can take you that long just to travel from one end of downtown to the other.

Value and Size – It should be obvious that as you head out of town you start getting more bang for your buck. But sometimes you really just need to see it for yourself. It’s easy to see that as you head out into the suburbs the prices for detached and attached homes are much better than in the big city.

This proves that the suburbs can have great value. BUT as the longer time moves on the more and more people become open to the idea. So what you find is that sunny suburb become the new main hub in time. That doesn’t mean you can’t call it home though. In fact, it just may be exactly what you should do before everyone else does.

Neighbourhood – I’m a true advocate of neighbourhood but most of the time you are paying top dollars for a great neighbourhood. Especially in a city that has a such a crazy market. But as you head to the outskirts, some great neighbourhoods are quietly growing and being developed and have yet to command that top dollar. They may one day but if you look now you can get in before that happens. It should be an important factor in you choosing where to live. As you may like being able to walk to and from the store. So keep that in mind.

Here’s a recent blog I wrote about Port Moody. Should you wonder what a city in the Suburbs has to offer.

Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to your responses.

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