Revolutionizing Port Moody’s Parks: Unveiling Bold ‘Big Ideas’ for Rocky Point and Old Orchard Park!

Shocking Proposal Unveiled for Port Moody’s Iconic Waterfront Park – You Won’t Believe What’s Coming!

Hold on to your hats, Port Moody residents, because the city’s beloved Rocky Point Park might be in for a jaw-dropping transformation! A daring consultant’s report has surfaced, suggesting some “big moves” that could revolutionize the entire park’s future, and locals are buzzing with excitement and intrigue!

Picture this: the much-talked-about outdoor pool at Rocky Point Park could vanish, making way for an enormous lawn space that will host epic events like never before! But that’s not all; the proposed changes don’t stop there. The masterminds behind this daring vision are also planning to enhance pedestrian pathways, connecting the park to the Moody Centre SkyTrain station, creating an unparalleled waterfront experience!

If you thought that was enough to get your heart racing, think again! How about expanding Rocky Point Park’s areas for kids and youth, introducing even more thrilling spray and skate parks? Thrilling, right? But wait, there’s more!

The consultant’s report suggests reimagining the central events lawn by possibly relocating the outdoor pool and stage to create better operational access, resulting in a mesmerizing amphitheater-like setup that will host performances that will leave the entire city in awe!

The park’s transformation doesn’t stop there. Imagine getting closer to the water than ever before, with enhanced waterfront edges that will give visitors a front-row seat to breathtaking views. The natural shoreline restoration and improved tree canopy will make nature enthusiasts swoon!

But that’s not the most daring part of the proposal! Brace yourselves for the grand finale: a vibrant commercial boardwalk at the park’s southern edge, replacing the pool, where you can shop, dine, and play while soaking in the stunning scenery!

Hold your breath, because that’s not all this thrilling report has to offer! Across the Burrard Inlet, Old Orchard Park is also in for a marvellous makeover! A tranquil family-oriented beachfront paradise awaits, with improved access, enlarged beach areas, and charming picnic spots.

But will the city dare to make these groundbreaking changes? The moment of truth will come next winter when Port Moody council reviews the final master plan. Will they embrace the bold transformation or opt for a more conservative approach?

Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts ready, Port Moody residents, because the future of your favourite parks is about to take an astonishing turn! Be part of the conversation and stay tuned for what could be the most exciting chapter in your city’s history! Like and share to let everyone know what’s coming their way!

One thing I can guarantee is the Port Moody people will have a lot to say about this. Whether positive or negative, all voices will be spoken as it always is the way here in our beautiful city.

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