6 Tips For Choosing A Neighbourhood To Live In

6 Tips For Choosing A Neighbourhood To Live In

What is important to you when choosing a neighbourhood to live in?

It’s easy to say but is it really that easy to achieve. When trying to choose a new place to call home, one of the many factors that you have to keep in mind is neighbourhood. I may be biased, but I have lived in Kerrisdale, South Granville, Commercial Drive, Downtown (Yaletown and Westend), North Vancouver and now Port Moody.

I have to say when it comes to my lifestyle and personality, the North Shore of the Tri-Cities, Port Moody has everything I need. Being so close to the trails and mountains for hiking, trail running, swimming, paddle boarding, breweries, boating and so much more is what I love. The market is still reasonable too, I mean it’s crazy if you are to compare it to other cities across Canada but when it comes to Greater Vancouver Port Moody has amazing upside in its pricing. But is it within the confines of what’s important to you?

That’s what really matters. What is important to you when choosing a neighbourhood to live in?

Here are 6 tips to consider:

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8 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying A Home

8 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying A Home

Being a home buyer is tough and sometimes defeating. Things don’t always go your way but it’s how you handle the ride that counts. Your Realtor will become your friend and you will be in constant contact with them. You will be sending them new and old listings asking, how about this one? This looks exactly like the place I want. How come you didn’t send me this info?

A good Realtor will send you the info on the places that fit what you need and want. Keep in mind that sometimes you may also find something that they didn’t. Odds are this is because you’ve decided to expand your search or maybe there are restrictions that you don’t know about.

Your Realtor will guide you in the right direction. They have been doing this for sometime and know what you want. But here’s a list of some things that nobody tells you. Things that will come up and things that are perfectly fine.

Trust me when I say you are not the first to have this thoughts. So you may as well know them now.

  1. As a Buyer, be sure to keep those important thoughts to yourself. – At least until the end of the Open House. Talk to your Realtor and go over those thoughts with them first. It won’t help you if a Realtor over hears that you are willing to pay $100,000 over asking when you put in that offer. If the Selling Agent knows who is putting in offers and for how much before it comes. It gives the sellers leverage, as they will know what you are willing to pay and that could work against you. Don’t say anything in the house you wouldn’t want the Seller to hear. You would be surprised but sometimes there are drop cams set up in the house that the sellers use to can use to spy on you.
  2. Odds are you won’t find your perfect home at your first Open House. I find that my buyers tend to see at least 5 properties before making an offer. Of course, some people fall in love with the first house they see and others, after the 40th. You’ll know when you’ve found the ONE. That the job of the Realtor, they will see in you what you love.
  3. You’ve bought that dream home, now what? – It’s possession day and you walk in. Your heart drops…this is not what I remember it. It looks smaller, the walls weren’t that scratched. Or were they? It’s okay to second guess yourself. It’s human natures as this is a huge purchase for you. You want things to be perfect and they will be. Once you put in your stuff and add your touch. You will be in love again in a few hours…it’s just the nerves.
  4. It’s time to become a stalker. – I still remember that every weekend and many times during the week. My wife and I became stalkers after we bought our home. You will too…You’ll go out of your way many times to drive by it. Maybe we should head out to Ikea or visit Brewers Row for a beer. That was a 30 minutes drive each way. But we did it religiously and you will too.
  5. Give me my keys…NOW! – You often don’t get the keys to your new home until after 4 pm on possession or closing day. Your lender needs to transfer the mortgage and your lawyer needs to transfer the title into your name before any keys can be released. Legally, Sellers have until 5 pm to move out.
  6. Start decluttering your life. – Once you buy that home and it becomes moving day. It’s best to get rid of those items that aren’t needed. Nothing worse than dragging that old bookcase and couch that you want to replace anyways. Just get them on Craigslist and start making some sales now. Ikea stuff still draws top dollars as a used item.
  7. This is the place I want to buy! – Househunting is actually only a small part of what your REALTOR does, so if you found the home you want to buy on your own, your agent’s job is really just beginning. Your agent still needs to do their due diligence on the house, determine fair market value, prepare the offer, negotiate terms that protect you, coordinate the deposit cheque, attend the home inspection, deal with any conditions in the offer and coordinate with your lawyer and lender. They’ll be with you up until the date of closing (and long after, if you’ve found a good agent).
  8. It’s Moving Day. – Moving day is going to suck no matter how excited you are about your new home. Hire professionals. Have plenty of alcohol on hand. And take a deep breath – it’ll all feel amazing in another few weeks. This is time to invite your friends over, odds are they will be around to help you move. Even if they say they can’t…they CAN!

I could add a few more to this. Best piece of advice is to stay in communication with your Realtor. Tell them exactly what’s going on in your mind. They can’t read it for you but they can answer it for you.


How To Be Prepared When Buying Your Next Home

Buying a new home

How to be Prepared when Buying your Next Home.

Sometimes Buying A New Home Is Tough But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

The road isn’t easy when buying a new home in Real Estate. Especially in this crazy market in British Columbia. When it comes to Condos and Townhouses, it is very competitive for buyers. You would love for it to be as simple as making an offer and having it accepted. So how do you make yourself prepared for the ups and downs that are ahead of you?

Well think of it like this:

Here are 3 steps to consider when buying your next home.

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How To Attract Millennials To Your Business

How To Attract Millennials To Your Business

Yes this blog is focused on Real Estate but it can be applied to all businesses.

So Keep Reading

Millennials are buying real estate!

Really? It’s about time! If you actually think about it. Millennials…at least some of them are now in the mid to late 30’s. So hopefully they are thinking about their future already.

The real estate industry cannot stop talking about millennials. But what I hear mostly is that they can’t afford homes or they will never be able to buy. I hate the generalization that all millennials get grouped into.

Young buyers entering the market is a great thing for the real estate industry, particularly because the average age of first-time homebuyers has been increasing for years.

There is a small problem, though. The Real Estate community thinks it doesn’t know how to connect with millennials. They feel they are unaware of how to reach them and grab their attention. Well it’s truly through the smartphone and technology. Every single person these days is head down and focused on their phone. So find a way to connect with them and grab their attention.

You should get all the Social Media apps you can and start learning them. They are not going away anytime soon. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, LinkedIN, Pinterest. Get on them now…like click these links and download them now if you are missing any….NOW!!

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3 Tips for Making Money in Real Estate

3 Tips for Making Money in Real Estate

Real Estate can be scary but it doesn’t have to be.

Finding a way to get into Real Estate and the market is the key. Once you are in the marketthings become a little bit more clearer and lessfrightening. Really what you need to do is finda great Realtor (me) and start moving towards your goals. Until then do some research andget to understand what to look for.

Pre-sales – What’s nice about pre-sales is that you get to buy a property in today’s dollars but get to move in down the road. That’s when the money starts to happen. Of course you need to be able to afford the down payment. Then you can purchase a pre-sale and sit on it as it appreciates. In this market it should grow as the months go on and is still being finished. Maybe you want to assign the contract down the road before it is even finished. Odds are you will be making some money in that time.

Read my previous blog on Pre-Sales here. 

Area – knowing the area you are considering is key. When you understand the growth that’s about to happen you can find some gems out there. Ones that can make you some money. So imagine this, you buy a property near an area that’s going to be growing. You see that the growth has no choice but to come your way. There may be a good chance that a developer will come knocking on your door. They may want to buy your place or complex in the thought of building a tower on it.

Think about looking in areas that are adding more transportation like the skytrain. Also consider a property close to schools, hospitals and shopping. This is where city planners need to consider adding homes and where developments start.

Think Outside The Box – So in this market it obvious that Vancouver is going crazy. So why not think outside the box meaning look in the suburbs. Like the Tri-cities or Abbotsford. Find that 2 bedroom that allows pets and rentals. Find a place close to transportation, school, college, hospitals, or senior homes.

You will be able to buy for low and rent for high. Your tenants will pay off the mortgage. You only need to invest your down payment of 20%. Your property will appreciate in value and odds are you’ll be making a positive cash flow from your rent.

These are just some tips and ideas to help you make an educated decision along the way. Remember to always do your research but if you want some help. I’m only a text, call or email away.

Contact me here.

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3 Life Lessons That Will Change Your Life

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5 Reasons to Own Your Home

5 Reasons to Own Your Home…What Are You Doing and Why?!

It feels weird to me when I hear so much talk about how high rents are in the city. It feels so weird to me when I hear people say they will never be able to own. As I have grown up in this great city of Vancouver, there has been this shift in the minds of many that owning is impossible. That renting is acceptable.

“This is the way of life now they say.”

Let’s take a closer look at reasons to OWN YOUR HOME.

5 Reasons to Own Your Home

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Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

Top 4 Neighbourhoods in White Rock & South Surrey

White Rock & South Surrey are well-known for its seaside lifestyle. Laid back and ready for a great cabin like life, this is the city for you. Only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, yet still far enough away to feel like a retreat. Here are some of the great neighbourhoods to check out when considering buying in White Rock & South Surrey

Crescent Beach

This is the best beach in South Surrey. Far better than the busier White Rock Beach. The beachfront has a walking path and some amazing unique homes. Very quiet and relaxing during the off-season portion of the year. It is of course a busy hotspot during the summer but a great place to call home. As should these seaside communities, this is dog friendly too.

People have said that they love having this beauty just a walking distance from their home. It has a small community feel where people take the time to say hello….you dont get that anymore. Living near crescent beach affords nature enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy beautiful ocean views and outdoor fun.

This area honestly feels like a vacation spot, yet is an amazing place to call home.

This is the average cost of condo’s in this area. CLICK HERE

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You Can’t Choose Your Neighbour, You Can Choose Your Neighbourhood.

You can’t choose your neighbour, you can choose your neighbourhood.

This is one of the best things about Real Estate.

You are not forced to buy in any specific area or any specific town. It’s all up to you. So why not think about and consider buying in a great neighbourhood. Things to think about are the fact that the walkability of an area you live goes a long way. By that is being able to walk to some great stores or trails, maybe even to work if that’s your cup of tea. You will so much happier if you do this, trust me. There’s nothing worse than choosing to live in an area that sucks to you, to you though. Some areas are better for others…Meaning if you want to drive everywhere and you want peace and quiet great, maybe out-of-town is your vibe. If you are young and want to walk to transit, trails, breweries, water and shopping then great too. Just know what you want and trust you can find it.

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7 Must Have Apps Both Personally And Professionally

7 Must Have Apps Both Personally And Professionally

The Remote Control of Life

Your phone is your life — you use it for everything from your Social Media consumption to your Camera to your primary email outlet. But it could also be so much more than that, if only you have the proper tools in your utility belt. So be sure to add these apps to your arsenal.

If you really think about it. Your smart phone is the remote control of life nowadays. What are most people doing when they have a spare moment. If it’s in a line up at the coffee shop or when a commercial comes on their tv, and most of the time even while they are watching their favourite shows. Most people at this point are on their phones all the time.

So let’s talk about that for a second. If most people are on their phones, doesn’t it make sense that as a Realtor or Entrepreneur you should be focused on making the best of it. That’s where the world is going. Your newspaper and tv ads are marketing dollars being thrown in the garbage. It’s now time to focus on being on the go and using your phone as it’s now meant. That’s to be your computer on the go. You need it to manage your notes and draft your blogs, vlogs and marketing content.

I’ve put together a list of the most useful apps every modern Realtor, Entrepreneur and Anyone should have on their phone.

  1. Facebook – When it comes to all your personal and professional needs, Facebook is a must have. Not only can it help organize your life by keeping you updated with things like friends birthdays. It also is a must have tool for your business life. Being able for such a small amount to market to your exact target audience. Facebook is killing it in this aspect. As a Realtor you can spend hours walking door to door and dropping off flyers or you can spend minutes setting up a marketing campaign for less money. It will reach way more people too, up to thousands of people a day. Try walking to a thousands houses a day…Good Luck!
  2. Instagram – As you may know or maybe you don’t. Instagram is owned by Facebook but it is a great tool for your business. You can use all the hashtags you want to reach to the people you need. With a great flowing account you will be sure to have a great following. As a professional this is a great platform to pick up leads as you can see exactly who is liking your photos and commenting too. Plus now with Instagram stories you can add your human element to your business so that your clients and potential clients can see you grind.
  3. Evernote – This is a must have for any business professional. It’s a great place to securely keep your notes. Inspiration strikes anywhere. Evernote lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device. You can write a note or send a photo to Evernote. Then when you get home. It will be synced to your system there to pick it up without missing a step.
  4. Studio – One of favourite tools. There are so many other apps out there that are similar to this. Like Canva which is great for your computer. But when it comes to your phone and apps this is a must. I can take a picture and add some great text to it for my marketing. What’s great about Studio as well is that you can browse other people’s work. You can then use what they have created or you can edit theirs to your liking. Whats great is that it’s so easy to use and can be set up to automatically share on your social media.
  5. Flipboard – This is a great tool for any one who has specific likes. Maybe you are looking for articles on Real Estate or Technology. Well this is that app for you, it’s a personal magazine that scours the internet for specific articles you are interested in on any industry you want. Sometimes you just want to read about the city you are living in or a specific subject without have to go to google to search on it.
  6. FilmoraGo – Now when it comes to video editing. Good luck in finding an app that makes it as easy as this. For anyone who is looking to makes videos for their business. This is the place to go. You can add text and music to your videos and as an added benefit the desktop platform is so easy to use. Instead of paying top dollar for Final Cut Pro, the app is free and the desktop platform is such a good value. I recommend it for anyone looking to add an extra level to their business. Imagine being at a great event and sitting at the coffee shop to make a quick edit, add text, music and then share it to your clients. Yes Please!
  7. Magisto – Looking to put together a quick video to post to your friends on business page. This is a must, so easy that all you have to do is open the app. At this point you hit make a movie, then pick your theme, pick the photos and videos you want to add, pick your music, add a title. Maggots will do the rest for you. In as little as 1 minute you can have a great video to add to your social media platforms. Be sure to look into upgrading to the business profile. It does coast some money but at this point you can add your logo and edit even more things.

So do yourself a favour and add these tools to your utility belt. It will help you in all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. Be sure to click on the links of the apps as that will take you directly to the apps page to download.

Stay in touch and ask me if you are looking for any other suggestions.

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